Snapper Point Angling Club Inc








Revised to amend Bylaws 5(h), 6(d) & 27 after General Meeting votes on 31/3/21 by D.Little – Assistant Secretary, 11/4/21.

Revised to add Bylaw 5 (i)  by D.Little – Assistant Secretary, 28/11/18

Revised to Add Bylaw 28 by D.Little – Assistant Secretary, 25/1/17










The name of the club is the Snapper Point Angling Club Incorporated and is herein referred to as 'the Club'.


Words importing the singular shall include the plural number and vice versa and words importing any particular gender shall include the other gender.




     The Club shall consist of Honorary Life Members, Honorary Members, Ordinary Members, Family Members, Associate Members Junior Members, and  Pensioner Members.




     (a)  The Committee of Management shall have the power to appoint Committees for special purposes.


     (b)  The Committee shall have the power to appoint on a yearly basis delegates to represent the Club at the  Australian National Sport fishing Association and Game Fishing Association of Australia.  The said delegates will report direct to the Committee of Management and will operate under Committee of Management instructions.


  1. When a new by-law is proposed at a Monthly Meeting

It must obtain a seconder at that meeting, and then

be circulated to all the members in the next newsletter. At the following Monthly Meeting after discussion has taken place, the motion is voted on by the members present.  This  by-law  does not  apply  to  Competition  and  Angling  Rules.


     (d)  No proxy votes shall be allowed at monthly Committee of Management Meetings. 


     (e)  If a Member of the Committee of Management or duly appointed Committees be absent without apology for three (3) consecutive Committee Meetings, the office held by such Member may be declared vacant by such Committee.


     (f)  The Committee of Management shall have the right to deal with all matters relating to the Club except those specifically reserved by the rules to be referred to the Members.


     (g)  The Committee of Management shall have the final decision and rights in all decisions and recommendations made by any Committee appointed for a specific purpose.


     (h)  The Committee of Management shall nominate a Chairman to control any Committee and such Chairman shall be responsible for all matters relating to that Committee and shall report to the Committee of Management.





     (a)  President


          The President shall be the senior executive officer. The  President shall also prepare a report for submission to the Annual General Meeting.


     (b)  Vice-President


          In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the President.  The  Vice  President  shall  also  be  in  charge  of  the  clubs  property  register.


     (c)  Honorary Secretary


          The Honorary Secretary shall be the principal administrative officer of the Club, subject to direction of the President and/or Committee of Management.  The duties shall be:-


          (1)  To keep his books in good order for inspection.


          (2)  To conduct the correspondence of the Club under the direction of the President and Committee of Management and to preserve copies of all correspondence.


          (3)  To produce for the President, on request, any books or papers in his possession and to give any information as may be required of him.


          (4)  To make annually for the President and Committee of Management a full report of the Club's activities.


  1. To  keep  a  proper  register  of  all  members


          (6)  To keep and maintain an up to date register of Club trophies.(President Award, Bent Gaff, Black Cap, and  the  Inter club  Trophy. SPAC  Vs  Cranbourne  A.C.)


     (d)  Honorary Treasurer


          The Honorary Treasurer's duties shall be:-


          (1)  Keep Income and Expenditure books for all Club financial transactions.


          (2)  Lodge the signatures of the President, Secretary and Treasurer with banks to allow operation of accounts.  Any two signatories to be able to sign cheques and withdrawal slips.



          (3)  Reconcile bank statements against cheques paid.


          (4)  Audit the Social Income and Expenditure books each month.


          (5)  Sign for or provide a receipt for all income.


          (6)  Notify the Secretary of subscription payments to allow Club records to be updated and literature to be mailed out.


          (7)  Provide a summary of Club funds which  should  be  read  out  at  the  General  Meeting.


          (8)  Perform a stocktake to reconcile the  club  cupboard.


          (9)  Compile a financial report of Income and Expenditure and Balance sheet at the end of June and submit to the elected auditor by the 15th July to allow an audited financial statement to be included in the Club Annual Report which must be ready for release to Members at the Annual General Meeting to be held at the end of August.


          (10) Attend Committee Meetings which are usually held at a  date  agreed  to  by  the  Committee.


          (11) Present the Committee accounts for payment so that payment can be approved.


          (12) Pay accounts approved by the Committee.


          (13) Assist the Secretary to draw accounts to subscriptions during the first week of May.


          (14) Collect subscriptions from Members during General Meetings in June, July and August.  Provide the names of those who pay to the Secretary to enable reminder letters to be sent to unfinancial Members.


     (e)  Assistant Secretary


          The Assistant Secretary shall record the minutes of all Annual General, Special General and Committee of Management Meetings of the Club, and such duties as requested by the Secretary from time to time. These minutes  shall  be  available  to  committee  members  no  later  then  ten (10)  days  after  the meeting.




     Normally each Ordinary Committee of Management Member will be a convenor of one of the following Committees.  Such appointments shall be made at the first Executive Committee Meeting following the Annual General Meeting:-





          1.  Social              4.   Weigh master

          2.  Newsletter          5.   Angling

  1. Public Relations *

*To  keep a proper boat register  and  generally  do  such  things  necessary  to  maintain  the  Club’s  activities.




     (a)  An Honorary Life Member is a Member who has been granted that status pursuant to Clause 5 (f) of these By-Laws.  An Ordinary Member shall be a Member who is over the age of sixteen (16) years.  A Family Member shall include an Ordinary Member, the Member's spouse or partner and any children or grand-children of the Member under the age of sixteen (16) years.  A Junior Member shall be under the age of sixteen (16) years at the time of joining the Club and shall cease to be a Junior Member at the end of the Financial year following his sixteenth (16) birthday.  An Honorary Member shall be a Member granted such status as provided in Sub-Clause 5 (d) of these By-Laws.  An Associate Member shall be a full-time student, a Member residing outside of the State of Victoria, or a Member so classified by the Club. Membership  Category  “INTERMEDIATE”   This  will  cover  dependents  between  the  ages  of  16 &18  who  are  studying  and  still  living  at  home.  They  are  to  be  covered  under  the  Family  Membership  category  at  no  extra  cost. A Pensioner must hold a Pensioners card.


     (b)  A new Member shall be provided with a copy of the  Rules and By-Laws of the Club if requested.  The new Member shall be provided with a copy of the Club's Fishing Rules.


     (c)  Should the Member be a boat owner then the boat details form for his or her vessel shall be entered on a register of Members' Boats to be kept for that purpose.


     (d)  The Committee of Management may from time to time determine the period of which a person or persons may be classed as Honorary Members and any two such Members of the Committee of Management shall be empowered to grant Honorary Membership to a person or persons for that period or in the case of a particular Honorary Member such other period as the Committee of Management may deem appropriate.


     (e)  In the event of two such Members of the Management Committee granting the status of Honorary Membership to a particular person or person such action shall be reported to the next Committee of Management Meeting for confirmation and be recorded in the minutes of that Meeting.  Honorary Membership shall not carry the right to vote nor the right to any share or interest in the assets or property of the Club, nor shall an Honorary Member be eligible to win a Club Perpetual Trophy. The Committee of Management may at any time cancel an Honorary Membership, and shall notify such Member of such  cancellation.



     (f)  The Committee of Management if it so desires may submit the name of any Member to an Annual General Meeting to receive by vote of simple majority the honour of Honorary Life Member.  A minimum requirement for such honour shall be that the Member has rendered outstanding service to the Club and to the sport of Angling for a minimum period of five (5) years.


          An Honorary Life Member shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of a Full Member and in particular the right to be a candidate for election as an Office Bearer or Member of Committee and shall be relieved from paying any subscription to the Club from the time of his election as an Honorary Life Member.


          No more than one (1) submission may be made in any one (1) year.


  1. Upon any person ceasing to be a Member of the Club for any reason whatsoever, he shall cease to have any right, title or interest in any of the assets  or  property of the Club and shall not be entitled to a return of his Membership Subscription or any portion thereof.



  1. A prospective member must attend one (1) meeting and fish with the club on two (2) occasions or attend one (1) meeting attend two (2) weigh-ins  before membership can be approved by the Committee. A newsletter will be sent to inform the applicant of club activities for a period of three (3) months. The applicants name must be posted in the newsletter and members be allowed lodge an objection to the application with the committee in writing prior to the committee meeting immediately following the publication of the newsletter.             (31/3/21)


A prospective member would be asked to attend three

(3) meetings and fish with the club on two (2)

occasions, or attend two (2) weigh-ins  before membership can be approved.

A newsletter will be sent to inform them of club

activities for a period of three(3) months   08/9/04



  1. Each Member of the Snapper Point Angling Club Inc becomes an Associate Members of the Devilbend Golf Club Inc when the Angling Club pays the annual fee to the Golf Club. Members are required to abide by the Rules of the Golf Club when attending any activity at the Golf Club.




     (a)  The amounts of yearly Membership Subscription and joining fee shall be determined at each Annual General Meeting.  At the last Committee of Management Meeting in the financial year, the Committee of Management will suggest the amounts advisable and submit these to the Annual General Meeting as the Committee of Management's recommendation.  New Members admitted after 1st July in each year shall pay a full years Subscription but shall have their fees apportioned on a monthly basis and adjusted at their second Annual payment.


     (b)  Special extenuating circumstances may be left to the discretion of the Committee of Management.  Immediately following the 31st July each year, the Secretary shall make up a list of financial Members. The list shall be made  available  for  members at the General Meetings.  The Secretary will write to Members who have not paid by this time reminding them of Clause 6 (c) of the By-Laws.


     (c)  A Member shall be deemed unfinancial if and when any fees, subscriptions or other monies whatsoever payable by him are not paid by the due date, and shall not, so long as such monies remain unpaid, be entitled to vote at any Meetings of the Club or Committees, or have the use of the Club property, or to fish in any Club Competitions as a Member. Unless otherwise decided by the Committee of Management.



  1. Any Member who is unfinancial 60 days after the date that subscriptions are due shall no longer be a member unless there are exceptional circumstances that the committee should consider such as serious long term illness. If a former member wishes to re-join then they will be required to reapply for membership according to the formal procedure                                                   (31/3/21)


Any Member who is unfinancial at the time of the first Committee of Management Meeting following the Annual General Meeting shall, if the Committee of Management by resolution so decides, cease to be a Member.






     To act as decided by the Committee of Management:-


     (a)  The President will call for and appoint two persons to act as Returning Officers (one of these person to act as Senior Returning Officer) for a period of twelve (12) months to scrutinise voting for the election of Office Bearers for the proceeding year.  These appointments will be made at least two (2) clear months prior to the Annual General Meeting.


          (1)  The appointed Returning Officers will hand out voting slips to all financial Members of each position of Office Bearer to be voted for.


  1. Voting slips when completed will be collected by the Returning Officers and counted.  The Senior Returning Officer will announce the successful candidate.

  2. In the event of only one (1) nomination for a position, a show of hands will be accepted.





     (a)  The Annual General Meeting shall be held at a convenient date not later than September 30th each year.  Fifty (50) clear days notice shall be given in writing to all Members.


          The purpose of such Annual General Meeting is:-


          (1)  To receive from the Committee of Management a Report, Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts for the preceding financial year.


          (2)  To transact any other business of which notice in writing shall have been given to the  Secretary at least twenty eight (28) days before the Meeting is held.


     (b)  Nomination forms relating to the positions to be filled will be made available by the Secretary at least eight (8) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.  The Secretary will ensure that a list of nominations is circulated to all Members at least two (2) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.



     (c)  Each nominee shall be proposed and seconded by Financial Members of the Club.


     (d)  Only Ordinary, Honorary Life Members and Family Members over the age of sixteen (16) years are entitled to vote.


     (e)  A simple majority of votes shall determine all matters unless otherwise specifically provided herein.



     (f)  The order of business at Annual General Meetings shall be:-


          (1)  Apologies


          (2)  Minutes


          (3)  Correspondence


          (4)  President's Report


          (5)  Consideration and adoption of the various Committees' Reports, consideration of the Annual Reports, Treasurer's Statement duly audited, and any constitutional amendments.


          (6)  Motions of Notice


          (7)  General Business


          (8)  Other Matters


          (9)  Election of Office Bearers


          (10) Appointment of  Auditors


     (g)  Monthly Meetings


          (1)  A quorum for any Monthly Meeting is 25% of Financial Members, excluding Junior Members.

              If a quorum is not obtained no voting can take

               place,  the  meeting  can  still continue.


  1. Monthly Meetings shall be held monthly on the

     last Wednesday of each month, unless advised        otherwise.


          (3)  The order of business at a Monthly Meeting shall be:-


              (1)  Welcome to visitors and guests


              (2)  Welcome to New Members


              (3)  Apologies


              (4)  Minutes of Previous Meeting


              (5)  Matters arising from Minutes


              (6)  Correspondence


              (7)  Matters arising from correspondence


              (8)  Secretary’s  Report


              (9)  Treasurer's Report


              (10) General  Business


              (11) Weighmaster's Report


              (12) Reports from  Social, Newsletter and Angling


              (13) GFAV, ANSA Reports


              (14) Management Committee Report


              (15) Fishing  Reports


     (i)  The order of business at a Special General Meeting shall be:-


          (1)  Reading of notice convening the Meeting


          (2)  Receipt of apologies


          (3)  Consideration of motions of which notice in writing has been given.


          (4)  Consideration of the Committee of Management's recommendation.




     All Financial Members, except Junior Members are eligible to vote at Monthly Meetings.




     All accounts for payment shall firstly be submitted to the Committee of Management and when passed shall be paid by cheque signed by the President and Honorary Secretary or Treasurer or such other persons as may be authorised by the Committee of Management.




     The Club and/or Committee of Management may endorse teams      participating in tournaments and must authorise the           Club's name and insignia to be used in this connection.       All such insignias, logos, etc., shall be the sole            property of the Club.




     If any doubt shall arise as to the interpretation of any Clause in these By-Laws, the decision of the Committee of Management thereon shall be conclusive and binding on all Members of the Club, providing such decision shall be recorded in the Minute Book.





     Any submission for alteration, addition and/or deletion to the By-Laws if rejected by a properly constituted Meeting shall not be eligible for re-submission within six (6) months from such rejection.




     Any matters not covered by the Rules and By-Laws may be determined by the Committee of Management.




     The income and property of the Club shall be applied solely towards the promotion of its objects and no Member of its governing body shall be appointed to any salaried office or offices of profit in the Club.  No remuneration or other benefit in money or goods with the exception of trophies shall be given by the Club to any Member except the repayment of out of pocket expenses or reasonable and proper rent for premises demised or let by the Club, with the exception  of the current Competition and Angling rules.




     No monies exceeding the sum of one  thousand dollars ($1,000) shall be spent on any extra-ordinary item other than the general running expenses of the club, without the approval of the members at a general meeting.

     Tea-Tree Snapper Competitions expenses only will be exempt from this rule. (April  2004)




     Members who have resigned may be reinstated on the approval of the Committee of Management.





     A Member may be granted an Associate Membership by the Committee of Management during a leave of absence of not less than six (6) months.




No person shall use the name, mailing list or insignia of the Club for other than strictly Club purposes without the authorisation of the Committee of Management.




     No Officer Member or Employee of the Club shall disburse any funds or monies in his keeping and belonging to the Club without the authorisation of the Committee of Management.




     The number of Memberships of the Club shall be limited to one hundred (100) in number. Where applications are received and Membership is full then the names of applicants shall be placed on a waiting list in the order received.  When a vacancy arises, it shall be offered to the applicant on the top of the waiting list provide that such applicant has or is actively endeavouring to fulfil the requirements for entry to the Club as may be determined by the Committee of Management and/or Members by resolution from time to time.


     A Membership shall be defined as any of the following:-


     -    Family Membership          -  Life  Membership


     -    Single Membership          -  Honorary Membership


  • Associate Membership


  • Pensioner  Membership


  • Junior  Membership




     This Club which when affiliated with the Game Fishing Association of Australia via the Game Fishing Association of Victoria shall ensure that all affiliated Members agree at all times to abide by the Rules of the Game Fishing Association of Australia.




In the event of a member intending to fish any competition but because of genuine circumstances (at the discretion of the weigh master) is unable to attend the weigh-in, he/she may appoint a member to be his/her proxy to present to the weigh master on his/her behalf any fish to be weighed and/or to register for that competition.

The completed proxy form must be in the hands of the weigh master or his representative prior to the close of weigh-in.

Proxy forms would be available from the weigh master on the day.


24.  Syllabus and Competition Rules meeting.  (4/5/06)





Any member who wishes to submit a recommendation for a change/changes,deletion/deletions, addition/additions to the Competition and Angling Rules in force at the time, should do so in writing to the chairman of the angling committee no later than three weeks prior to the April  issue  of  Tangled  Lines, to allow it to be Published in the April newsletter.

The angling committee shall consider the ramifications of any proposed rule/s change prior to the April issue of Tangled Lines. All recommendations  can  then  be  published in that newsletter.

At the syllabus meeting only those submissions to the angling committee for rule changes shall be on the agenda for discussion. The angling committee will offer their recommendation/s to all present and each change decided by resolution.

The competition and angling rules would now be set and will be published in the May newsletter for ratification at the May general meeting.






  1. The angling committee will consist of four (4) experienced members of the club when discussing the syllabus and rules.

  2. The quorum for the syllabus and rules meeting will be twenty (20).


25.     Member affiliation with GFAV/GFAA. (1/7/98)


All members are welcome to participate in any SPAC organised game fishing activity, however to qualify and receive any points, awards, trophies etc relating to game fishing, that member must be currently affiliated with GFAV/GFAA.



26.  Funding for Excursions/Away Competitions.  (27/04/05)


The club is to provide funding on application to the committee  from  the  co-ordinator of the approved excursions to a maximum value of $15 per member.



27.  Tea  Tree  Snapper  Fishing  Competition.   (31/3/21)


     A  sub-committee  known  as  the  Tea  Tree  Competition       Directors  should  be  appointed  by  the  Committee  of       Management  and  continue  to  operate  all  year  round.


     The  sub-committee  will  normally  consist  of  (9)

     Nine members  including the  current  President  and



     Duties  of  the  Tea  Tree  Directors  would  include:-

          .   Set  target  dates.

          .  Sponsorship.

          .  Entry  form  design.

          .  Tea  shirt  and  stubby  holder  order  form

          .  Rules update.

          .  Appoint Chairperson for co-ordinators meetings.

          .  Deal with Venue operators.

          .  Book all equipment for Presentation.

          .  Appoint co-ordinators.

          .  Arrange co-ordinators meetings, venue

              and hospitality.

          .  Prepare job lists for co-ordinators.

          .  Arrange hospitality for co-ordinators at mail

              outs and prize packing.

          .  Arrange all printing.


          .  Organise first mail out.

          .  Prepare mail out labels.

          .  Publicity and Public Relations.

          .  Control all press releases.

          .  Record minutes/notes etc. of meetings.

          .  Arrange software etc. for entries.

          .  Record entrants for competition.

          .  Pass all monies to Club Treasurer.

          .  Report to the membership re progress.

          .  Keep record of expenses.

          .  Signs for Tackle shops and Ramps.

          .  Banners.

          .  Signs for Presentation.

          .  Promotional displays for JV Marine locations.

          .  Ensure PL Insurance is current.

          .  Confirm late entry locations.

          .  Provide site plan.

          .  Organise members Polo shirts and distribute.

          .  Order stubby holders.

          .  Confirm fish inspector.

          .  Invitation to sponsors.

          .  Sponsors hospitality.

          .  Order drinks etc.

          .  Order competitors food.

          .  Second mail out materials.

          .  Contact Fisheries.

          .  Inform Police and Rescue authorities.

          .  Form competition disputes committee.

          .  Book First Aid organisation.

          .  Prepare competition results and photos for

              Press release.


The President will report to the SPAC Committee of Management

Regarding the activities of this committee.


28.  Meetings and functions


Meetings & functions are for the interest and enjoyment of the general membership of the Club and any invited guests. No member or their guest shall attend any meeting or function if they are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. No member or guest shall become intoxicated during meetings or cause a disturbance that detrimentally disrupts a meeting or function. Where any member or guest does not comply with the requirements of this Bylaw, the President or Chairman or in their absence, an Officer of the Club has the right to put the best interests of the Club ahead of those of individual members and to direct any member or members or their guests to leave the property where a meeting or function is being held and not return on the same date. The member or members shall immediately comply with such a direction without argument. The Committee shall subsequently determine any action necessary to prevent a recurrence in accordance with the Model Rules and/or Bylaws of the Club.

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